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Meet The Duo Behind FBA Growth University

Jacqueline Vagar

Jacqueline is originally from a small town in California, and She has been an Amazon Seller for 2 Years now. She is one of the mentors for FBA Growth University.

Jacqueline Vagar is an internationally renowned leader in eCommerce. She is just a regular girl like anyone else who was born and raised in a middle class family and hated her nine to five job. Upon discovering Amazon she quickly grew from a 9-5 employee to creating multiple hugely successful online businesses.

Jacqueline Vagar has a huge following in social media and is recognized as a global educator having successful students in multiple countries around the world. Her work is mostly notable in Amazon mentorship and her own experience as a successful Amazon seller who is keen on transforming the life of anyone who wants to become an Amazon Seller.

Sal Habibi

Sal Habibi dropped out of college to start on his own. After trying multiple businesses he stumbled upon Amazon where he found his success. He has launched multiple successful products on Amazon. He did lot of trial and error and invested a ton of money on Amazon when he started. He started mentoring to ensure that others don't make the same mistakes that he did and start selling directly on Amazon. He has been mentoring in FBA Growth University along side Jacqueline Vagar

Okay so I've seen your students success, I've seen you in the media, I've learned more about you... What About Amz?!

The first thing people always ask is, "Is Amz saturated, or can it work for someone like me with NO experience..."

...And the answer might SHOCK YOU! As of this month, close to 60% of sales on Amz were made by EVERYDAY PEOPLE just like you and me! And that number is growing larger every single day... Look below to see a graph of third party sales on Amz by quarter!

Number of Total Sales on Amz for 3rd Party Sellers (Everyday People and Small Businesses) as of Q1 of THIS YEAR!

The answer to the next most popular question is for me personally... the most astonishing of all!

Picture for just a moment, the Staples Center, where the Lakers play FILLED with people. That's 20,000 people packed into a single building.

Now one more time... picture that same building 10x TIMES OVER...

When we hear "But how many people are making Serious income with Amz FBA?" we always point to this figure released by Amz themselves in their shareholders letter.

Experts Agree, this surge in demand for Amz will stick around LONG after CORONA is Gone

Okay, But What About the CORONA Virus and the Pandemic - How Did That Affect Amz?!

Won't that affect things, will Amz still work... In Short the Answer is a RESOUNDING YES! Amz actually BENEFITED IMMENSELY From the Pandemic! Which means sellers like us are benefiting immensely as well!

Jeff Bezo's Added Close to $50,000,000,000 to his Net Worth During the Pandemic...

Amz Hired an Additional 500,000 People to Try to Keep Up With Demand...

It's hard to believe how much this benefits YOU as an Amz Seller (Or Future Amz Seller!)

Experts Agree, this surge in demand for Amz will stick around LONG after CORONA is Gone

More People that have never bought ANYTHING ONLINE are turning to Amz...

Check Out These Real People!

“If you change nothing, nothing changes - and if you don’t get started building your dream life, someone will happily hire you to help build theirs”